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4 Things We’re Loving This Spring

Bring on the April showers and May flowers because spring has officially sprung! In addition to the beautiful weather, here are four things our employees love about the season.







“For me, springtime is for landscape clean-up and garden planning. I enjoy watching the green buds start to pop on my dogwood trees and the purple and green chutes of hostas start to emerge from the soil. My home garden includes hearty perennials like hostas and catmint; then I bring in vibrant colors with annuals like coleus, begonias, and impatiens.”

If you live in the Midwest like Stephanie, she has one tip for you: “Beware of planting too early. There’s still potential for frost, so I wait until Mother’s Day to plant.”

“In Virginia, we get a lot of nice spring days that are perfect for dog walking, riding in the car with the windows down, and outdoor dining. It’s also an excellent time for outdoor activities, like backyard campouts, bike rides, and trips to the park.”

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“As it gets a bit warmer and sunnier, I head to the local trails to hike, walk, and appreciate nature. In the beginning, I may not be able to finish the entire trail, but before long, I’m back in full stride. It’s a great exercise for my family and our very hyper Boxer, Rocky.”

Getting outside for some fresh air is always a plus. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, check out Christy’s favorite place to explore, The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

“Spring is such a mood booster in so many ways—it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one favorite thing about the season. Bringing home locally sourced plants, flowers, and produce creates a refreshing atmosphere and helps me feel more energized and creative when I can’t be outside soaking up the sun. Plus, it feels good to know I’m supporting hard-working farmers and gardeners in our area. This spring, my goal is to be more intentional in the kitchen and explore new seasonal recipes for my family to enjoy.”

Shopping locally is a great way to boost the economy around you. But before your go, here are a few tips and tricks on how to conquer your local farmer’s market on a budget.