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Social Distancing: Simple DIY Projects to Try While You're at Home

During these uncertain times, there's one thing that’s for sure—we all have an influx of extra time. Put that spare time to good use and tackle one (or all!) of these easy DIY projects.

Create an Accent Wall

Get your creative juices flowing by painting an accent wall in your home. Creating an accent wall is a fun and simple project you can do using old paint that's been sitting around in the garage. If painting isn’t your thing, try wallpaper instead. Wallpaper is super trendy and comes in a variety of prints and textures. Even better, wallpaper can be ordered online and delivered right to your door. 

Get Organized 

From the pantry to your linen closet, it’s likely you have a space that could use a little organization. Once you've picked the area that needs some TLC, pull out all the items and separate them into categories. For your pantry, the categories may be spices, condiments, dry goods, and canned foods. Doing this allows you to see all the items you have and how much room is available to store them. Next, load everything back in, making sure to keep like items together. It may take some trial and error, but it’ll be well worth it in the long run. It’s also helpful to shop your home for unused bins and containers to help keep everything in place. 

Prepare Your Yard 

Summer is fast approaching and temperatures have already started to rise in some parts of the country. Take this opportunity to give your patio furniture a good cleaning, tend to your garden, and check your outdoor lighting. Completing these tasks will get your yard in tip-top shape and ready for those social gatherings when things get back to normal. 

Bring the Outside Inside 

Don't let cabin fever get you down. Brighten up the inside of your home by bringing in some florals. Create cute floral arrangements using flowers from your yard or try your hand at one of these spring-inspired centerpieces to elevate your dining room table.