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6 Unique Ways to Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of those catch-all substances that can be used for practically anything. From cooking and cleaning to washing clothes and keeping shoes odor-free, baking soda is a staple that should have a home in every cabinet and pantry. Below are a few ways to make your baking soda go the extra mile. 

1. Soothe your skin.

Baking soda has a plethora of uses, not the least of which is serving to improve your health and cleanliness. If you’ve acquired a sunburn, mosquito bites, or have dry, irritated skin, soaking in a bath that contains baking soda can help reduce skin itchiness. Pour 1-2 cups of baking soda into a lukewarm bath and submerge the affected areas for almost instant relief. 

2. Clean your stove and other appliances.

Baking soda makes a great cleaning tool. Create a paste made of baking soda and a little bit of water and use it to scrub down your toughest stains or caked-on grime on your stove or other appliances like your microwave. You should be able to remove stains and effectively keep your appliances clear of debris. The same paste can be used for stains on kitchen floors, coffee mugs and dishware, and even marble. 

3. Deodorize (yourself).

Baking soda has excellent deodorizing properties that can keep your clothes (and yourself) free of odor. Rubbing baking soda on your armpits can ward off the smell from your perspiration and is an easy way to keep fresh without relying on chemical deodorants. It should be noted that baking soda can be a bit abrasive when applied directly, so proceed with caution when using it or explore some natural deodorant recipes that incorporate baking soda. 

4. Deodorize (your shoes).

When it comes to baking soda’s ability to neutralize scents, the same principles apply to fabric. If you have shoes that retain odor or find that your socks smell in certain shoes, baking soda can help. Creating sachets (small packets of baking soda wrapped in cheesecloth or thin fabric) and placing them in your shoes can wipe out any lingering odors.

5. Deep clean your clothes.

This is perhaps the most well-known alternate use for baking soda, but it bears repeating. Adding baking soda to your laundry loads can not only brighten your clothing, but also eliminate tough stains or smells—and help you get the most from your laundry detergent and laundry loads.

6. Wash your fruit and vegetables.

If you wash off your produce to ensure that you’re not consuming any unsafe pesticides, consider doing so with a bit of baking soda. Baking soda can remove pesticide residue and take the place of any produce wash you might buy. Soak your produce in a solution of water and a few tablespoons of baking soda, and then rinse after a few minutes so they’re ready to eat.

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