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Not Your Average Block Party: 7 Unique Summer Neighborhood Events

Summer HOA event ideas like pulling rope by a group of people.

Block parties are meant to be a fun way to get neighbors together, meet new residents, and establish a sense of community. But all too often, they fall flat, becoming awkward events people feel forced to attend. Neighborhoods are filled with multiple generations, and hosting a block party that everyone can enjoy—from kids to seniors—can be tough. With summer bringing longer days, now is the perfect opportunity to throw a fête that’s well attended and memorable. Here are seven summer HOA event ideas and summer community event ideas that are engaging, different, and all-encompassing.

1. Pet Parade

This summer community event idea is as silly as it sounds. Invite neighbors to dress up their pets and walk them down a short stretch of the sidewalk—in parade fashion—for all to see. Not only will people ooh and ahh over the cuteness, but it also allows them to get to know the community’s cuddliest creatures.

Further, it helps spark conversation among pet owners. Consider having a panel of judges award prizes for characteristics like “floppiest ears,” “tiniest pet,” or “best walk.”

Because dogs and other pets can overheat quickly, it’s important to schedule a pet parade in the morning or evening during the cooler temperatures of the day.

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2. Vacation Food Sampling

It can be hard coming home from an epic summer vacation, but neighbors can recreate that joyous time by sharing their most loved vacation foods.

For this HOA event, direct attendees to bring a dish that reminds them of their favorite summer destination and let them sample each other’s food. This way, residents already have something to talk about.

Who knows, they may connect over a shared dish or experience.

3. Field Day

Just like in elementary school, hosting different activities throughout the day is a great way to get people together—on their own time and with their own interests.

Assign each participating neighbor an activity and a time slot: Jane, the yoga teacher, might host a morning vinyasa from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM, and Bob, the carpenter, might hold a how-to demonstration from 11:00 AM to noon.

People with similar interests likely have other commonalities, making it simple to create friendships.

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4. Color Block

The colors of the rainbow provide so much inspiration! Have fun with it, and assign each block of the community a hue: red, green, blue, purple, etc. Get members of each block to wear their assigned colors to the party.

By using festive hues to team residents up with their blocks, they might gravitate to those in their immediate area or better identify where neighbors live. Color blocking also lends itself well to a friendly competition: think charades or a scavenger hunt.

Promote togetherness with sidewalk chalk for the kids, rainbow-colored decorations, and a mix of different-colored foods.

child playing with sidewalk chalk at summer HOA event

5. Movie Night Starring Neighbors

Sometimes it’s easier for people to introduce themselves on video instead of in person. Allow residents to submit a short, under-two-minute video introducing themselves.

Suggest they share their first name, how long they’ve lived in the neighborhood, and a fun fact about themselves or the community. Collect everyone’s stories and play them on the night of the party on a big screen.

These short video introductions nudge people out of their shells, provide a learning opportunity, and require little effort. Decorate with stringed lights and serve outdoor movie-theater snacks like popcorn, candy, and hot dogs to bring the theme to life.

6. Water Park

Create an oasis right in the neighborhood by going overboard on a water park theme. For children’s activities, set up a slip and slide, kiddie pools, or sprinklers. Encourage connection with “water cooler talk” and offer cool towels, misters, and fans.

Decorate with all things water—blue and teal tablecloths, napkins, streamers, and mermaid and fish decorations. Keep foods and drinks light and fresh: cucumber sandwiches, flavored waters, seltzer water cocktails, watermelon, watercress salads, and more.

With guests cool and comfortable at this HOA event, conversations are more likely to flow.

7. DIY Craft Corner

Encourage your neighbors' artistic interests with a DIY craft corner. Offer various crafting materials like paints, brushes, beads, and glue for attendees to express their creativity. This activity not only breaks the ice but also lets people share their talents and chat casually.

neighbors having an HOA party picnic in the summer

Get Your Lawn Summer-Ready After Your HOA Event

Yikes! The extreme temps and summer storms can scorch the beauty and comfort of a warm-weather lawn party. After using these summer community event ideas, read 7 To-Dos For a Fresh and Fabulous Summertime Lawn for tips on creating wow-worthy front-of-home landscaping. Happy summer!