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Back to School: Tips for an Easier Transition

The back-to-school transition can be difficult for many families. Kids are trading in lazy days and sunshine for early mornings and homework, which can be challenging for both parents and children alike. Follow these five tips to prepare for the new school year and remain stress-free when the first day arrives.

1. Make a game plan.

Whether your child will be engaging in hybrid, remote, or in-person learning, it’s important to have all your tools in place before school starts. If you’re remote learning again this year, setting up school space in advance and ensuring that all devices have been properly updated help make the transition easier on everyone. For those going back to the classroom, prepare your kid for what the new school year will look like. Before their first day, role-play new processes, procedures, and schedules at home so that they’re more comfortable—and confident—on day one.  

2. Get supplies early.

Get new school supplies even if your child will be learning remotely. Not only may it be required by the school system, but it also helps your kid feel connected to their classmates. It gets them excited about the school year and gives them something to talk about. Schedule your back-to-school shopping early to avoid out-of-stock surprises and to give yourself plenty of time for the delivery of online orders. With so much up in the air, getting the basics taken care of can make a world of difference.

3. Adjust your sleep schedules.

Saying goodbye to sleeping in and staying up late can be tough. Consider adjusting sleep schedules before back-to-school week arrives. Slowly changing wake up and bedtimes to be earlier and earlier each day will allow you to ease into the new routine.

4. Organize the family calendar.

School, sports, and work are all key agenda items, so there are sure to be some conflicts. To keep everyone on track and moving forward as the school year begins, create a family calendar. Visual schedules are helpful to both kids and parents. Setting up a big calendar in a common area provides everyone with a daily visual reminder of what’s happening that week and informs the household when new plans are being made. Holding a family meeting at the beginning of each week to plan out the week’s activities together can ensure all are on the same page as activities pick up. 

5. Do what you can to relax.

We’ve all had a unique, hectic year, and changing up your routine amid all the stress can compound that stress. The back-to-school transition can make hefty demands of everyone’s time, and taking a moment to reflect on the good bits of this past year or relax together might be beneficial for the entire family. Appreciate one another’s company and go on a hike, take one last trip to the pool, or simply settle in for a movie night to unwind before things pick up again.

Making Mornings Easier

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