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Bring Flower Power to Your Garden With New Exciting Plant Varieties

pink flowers blooming in green bush

Showstopping new plant releases dazzle the landscape from spring to fall

Spring will be here before you know it, and the best way to welcome it is to get outside and plant something! To get you excited for spring, Bloomables® is releasing several new flowering shrubs that pack a visual punch.

If you’re looking for flower power, these new introductions deliver. With bright colors, unique textures, and of course, striking blooms from spring to fall, your garden is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. These varieties of roses, hibiscus, and hydrangeas offer a high reward with minimal effort.

Whether you are looking for plants to display on your front porch or deck or want impressive varieties for the garden, these new plants have it all. 

Sunset Horizon™ – Already dreaming of warm and colorful summer sunsets? With this rose, you don’t have to wait. Sunset Horizon™ is an attractive Floribunda rose that starts bright yellow then fades to deep pink and cherry red. It is stunning in both containers and the landscape. In full sun, this rose will finish at about 3-4’ tall by 3’ wide and is hardy in zones 5-11.

Sitting Pretty™ – Nothing beats effortless blooms from spring to frost. Sitting Pretty™ does just that with bright pink, fluffy, Grandiflora flowers. Matched with good disease resistance and attractive form, this easy-to-grow shrub stands out in the landscape or a container. In full sun, it will finish at about 3-4’ tall by 3’ wide and is hardy in zones 4-11.

Head Over Heels® Hibiscus Collection – This stunning collection of hibiscus is characterized by their large, eye-catching blooms on a compact habit making versatile plants with many uses in an array of colors. All finishing at about 3’ tall by 4’ wide, these plants are perfect for poolside containers, stand-alone patio or deck pots, as a specimen in the garden, or planted in groups. Hardy in zones 4-10, providing bold tropical-looking flowers all summer long.

Akadama® Hydrangea – Akamada®, meaning “red ball,” is the perfect name for this heavy bloomer. The striking flower heads of this Hydrangea open deep pink and darken as they age, contrasting nicely against the elegant, dark green foliage. These blooms can last up to two months, making this perfect for containers, the landscape, or even as a cut flower. Hardy in zones 6-9, this beauty will finish in a rounded 4’-5’ mound.

Hydrangea Ruby Blossom – Ruby Blossom brings supreme flower power to a compact shrub. Supported by strong, sturdy stems, this shrub produces an abundance of dark pink, double-flowering blooms against rich, green foliage. Its compact habit makes it perfect for container and small space gardens. Hardy in zones 6-9 and finishing in a rounded 3’-4’ ball, this brilliant little shrub will be sure to turn heads.

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About Bloomables®

Bloomables® make it easy to have a garden that blooms all season. The collection is made up of Star® Roses and Plants’ best flowering plants that are easy to grow and offer high reward in the garden. Bloomables® consists of over 50 different varieties that have been carefully selected. Whether you’re looking for new plants to display on your front porch or to grow in your garden, Bloomables® has it all. Bright colors, unique textures, and of course, amazing blooms, make this collection one-of-a-kind. To learn more, visit