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Fall Maintenance To-Do List for Your Home

colonial style home with colorful fall leaves

The changing leaves, the cool and crisp weather, and the warm comforts of home make fall one of our favorite seasons. The pleasant temperatures also make it an ideal time for homeowners in certain parts of the country to prepare for the cold winter months that are fast approaching. To help you get ready for what's to come, we're sharing home maintenance tips for fall. Tackle these small to-dos on our fall home maintenance checklist to ensure your home is all set for the elements November, December, and January all have in store. Read on! 

Stock Up On Winter Supplies

Snow and ice can make the outside of your home a danger zone for residents and visitors. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately one million Americans are injured annually as a result of falling on ice and snow. Keep driveways, walkways, and other areas clear of hazards with these essential items and tools:

  • Snow shovel
  • Salt
  • Snowblower
  • Ice scraper
  • Blankets
  • Plant covers
  • De-icing agents
  • First-aid kits

Check Your Safety & Security Equipment

A lit fireplace and yummy seasonal baking typically enhance that warm and cozy feeling we love during fall. However, it's important to play it safe. Prevent unfortunate accidents and mishaps by confirming this safety equipment works properly:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Outside security cameras
  • Exterior and interior lights
  • Locks

Few things symbolize the holiday season like the glow of a warm and crackling fire. Follow these fireplace maintenance best practices so your fireplace is always an area of comfort and joy!

Maintain Your Heating System

Don't get stuck in the cold during the chilliest time of year. Take note of these fall tips for homeowners to keep heating and cooling appliances and elements in tip-top shape:

  • Schedule an HVAC checkup of your heater
  • Clean out your chimney
  • Replace the filter in your furnace

Secure Walkways, Stairs, & Railings

Winter forecasts often call for rain, snow, and ice. If that's the case, pay special attention to areas that are slick and slippery when wet or icy:

  • Make sure railways are sturdy
  • Fix cracks in walkways and driveways 
  • Look for and resolve broken paving stones that shift
  • Secure loose steps and stairways 

Prepare Your Pool for Winter

Community and backyard pools are a summer fun staple. Do yourself a favor and do these things so your pool is ready for refreshingly cool dips and swims once the summertime rolls around:

  • Contact a professional to conduct an inspection and complete fall maintenance tasks
  • Cover your pool with a sturdy pool cover
  • Secure and store pool furniture and accessories 

pool with fallen leaves

Check Your Roof

Roofs are designed to handle the elements, but they should be taken care of. Guarantee your roof lasts and offers peace of mind and protection for your family for years to come and:

  • Get a roof inspection
  • Look for missing or loose shingles
  • Hire roofers to replace parts and fix any roof issues

Climbing up on a ladder to take care of your roof and gutters can seem like a tall task. For roof maintenance done right, follow these roof maintenance dos and don'ts. 

Weatherproof Outdoor Pipes & Faucets

It's crucial to keep pipes and faucets running during winter months. Frozen pipes can burst and cause costly and complicated issues that no one wants to deal with. Complete these simple tasks to keep them functioning at their peaks: 

  • Add insulation to exposed pipes
  • Purchase weatherproof faucet covers for protection 

Make Any Needed Foundation Repairs

Depending on where you live in North America, extreme temperatures can cause soil and foundations to shift and cause serious problems. Stay ahead of the game and check your home's foundation for these issues:

  • Make sure downspouts are aimed away from the house
  • Repair damaged foundation vents
  • Patch up small cracks around the foundation 

person clearing leaves from gutters

Clear Dead Branches & Falling Leaves

Don't wait until the end of the season when the fallen leaves are piled up, and the job is stressful and unmanageable. Keep the outdoors and landscaping well-maintained and looking great throughout the fall months and:

  • Remove dead or dying branches from trees or hire a specialist for the job
  • Rake out lawns, green spaces, and gardens
  • Clear gutters of leaves and debris

Check out these leaf-raking tips to make the tedious chore a little easier! 

Replace Caulking & Weatherstripping

For the warm air to stay in and the cold air to stay out, keeping areas around your home appropriately sealed is key. To do this, you should:

  • Check doors and windows for missing or broken caulking and weatherstripping
  • Use caulk rated for outdoor use that can expand and contract with the home
  • Seal holes around doors, windows, or exhaust pipes where rodents can get in

Work Hard, Play Hard: More Fun Fall Tips for Homeowners

Now that this fall home maintenance checklist is complete, it's time for some fall fun! Check out our ultimate fall bucket list for a fresh spin on traditional, season-right excursions for the whole family. From visiting an apple orchard or sunflower farm to creating a pinecone table centerpiece to hosting an exciting neighborhood scavenger hunt, you're sure to have a blast this autumn. 

infographic with fall maintenance to-do list