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An Easy Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

gray kitchen cabinets with gold hardware and marble counters

Every little detail counts in a kitchen refresh, down to the kitchen cabinet hardware. Albeit small, kitchen cabinet hardware can make or break the look of your renovated kitchen design. Budget-friendly but mightily important, the new hardware for your kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be an afterthought. Follow along as we guide you through kitchen cabinet hardware ideas so you can settle on the perfect choice for you.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Updating the look of your kitchen can be quick, easy, and cheap—if you know what to look for! Simply changing out the hardware of your kitchen cabinets and drawers can take your kitchen from dull to dynamite. When choosing hardware for kitchen cabinets, find what suits your countertops and the overall vibe of your kitchen. Consider the type of hardware that would function best with what you have and review the style, finish, and size of the hardware options available. Let’s break it down.

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Types of Cabinet Hardware

Typically, when you change out your cabinet hardware, pulls, knobs, and hinges are the focus. Pulls are like handles: long and linear, require two screws, and are designed to let you pull a drawer or cabinet open. Knobs are smaller, peg-like, can be mounted with one screw, and are more commonly used on cabinets than drawers. Hinges are the components that let a cabinet door swing open.

various pieces of kitchen hardware

How to Size and Position Handles

Before determining the size and position of your handles—pulls and knobs—review the look, symmetry, and function of your kitchen cabinetry. When choosing the size of the handles, remember these tips:

  • Oversized cabinet doors require larger pulls or knobs to function correctly.
  • Smaller cabinet doors call for smaller-sized knobs or pulls.
  • Popular rule: pulls should be at least ⅓ the length of the cabinet door.
  • Failsafe: use the same size pulls and knobs throughout your kitchen cabinetry for a cohesive look.

Additionally, position pulls horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors. Knobs should generally be positioned towards the top or bottom corner of cabinets and in the middle of drawers.

Style of Kitchen Hardware

For most kitchens, the style is determined by the interior design of the home. Cabinets and hardware should match the design of the kitchen, which usually reflects the rest of the house. Kitchen hardware can be found in the four styles that are most popular with homeowners:  

  • Traditional: Rounded, embellished, and soft, traditional brass kitchen hardware includes ornate detailing, curved edges, and a polished finish.
  • Contemporary: Sleek, minimalist, and clean, hardware in a contemporary design is linear, hard-edged, and streamlined.
  • Transitional: A mix of traditional and contemporary styles, transitional gold kitchen hardware is simple and easily blends with both looks.
  • Rustic: Cozy and inviting, rustic-styled black kitchen hardware is warm and features curved designs.

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Where to Buy Kitchen Hardware

gray kitchen cabinets with gold hardware

It can be daunting to shop for kitchen hardware; there are just too many sizes and styles to choose from. Take some guesswork out of finding the best fit by filtering out the finish, style, price, and brands of pulls and knobs from some of the most recognized online retailers. Plus, some of these stores have a convenient return policy that allows you to bring back what you can’t or don’t use.

Beyond Choosing Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets: Increase Your Home’s Value with a Kitchen Upgrade

Our kitchen cabinet hardware ideas are just one budget-friendly way to upgrade your kitchen and increase your home’s property value. Select the right type of cabinet hardware and find where to buy it at a good price for the best bang for your buck. Check out these other small updates that make a big difference in your kitchen and bathroom without breaking the bank.

modern kitchen with blue, silver, gold, and white


What color hardware should I use for white kitchen cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets offer a blank canvas for the color of your hardware. Get creative and select cabinet hardware in black, brass, gold, gray, or silver to make a bold style statement.

What is the 1-3 rule for cabinet pulls?

The 1-3 rule applies to the symmetry and cohesive look of a pull on a cabinet door or drawer. The rule of thumb for cabinet pulls is that they should be at least ⅓ the length of a cabinet door and ⅓ the width of a cabinet drawer.

What is the most timeless kitchen hardware finish?

Kitchen hardware in a traditional style will usually include a timeless finish. A finish in a warm tone, like polished brass or brushed nickel, is timeless, classic, and will fit naturally with your kitchen décor for years to come.

What cabinet hardware is in style?

Several different types of cabinet hardware are trending. Right now, you’ll see that jeweled embellishments, matte black finishes, and wood grain detail are leading features of modern-styled cabinet hardware.