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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

illustration of bouquet of flowers in envelope

Capture the essence of the extraordinary woman who has showered your life with love and unwavering support – your mother. It's fascinating to note that women constitute 50.42% of the world's population and wield influence over 85% of consumer purchasing decisions. Given this remarkable impact, there's no better time to honor her individuality with a personalized gift.

Embark on a journey to celebrate her with our curated list of the top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas, designed to cater to every type of mom this year! 

The home decorator.

For the mom who is organizing, then reorganizing, her home as often as she feels inspired, a Decocrated subscription is just what she needs to stay busy. Decocrated is a subscription service that sends an assortment of curated home décor items to your doorstep—quarterly or annually—to keep your home feeling comfy, on-trend, and perfectly you. 

The foodie.

Any mom who likes to experiment with new recipes and fun flavors will be thrilled with this Stonewall Kitchen gift basket of favorites. Stonewall Kitchen has quickly become one of Maine’s top tourist destinations. Its award-winning jams, sauces, and condiments are highly regarded in foodie circles, with special mentions in Food & Wine magazine, the Food Network, and Gourmet Traveler.

Looking for more gifts for your foodie mom? You can also give her one of these giftable goodies that are great all year round!  

The sentimental one.

Whether it’s a handwritten note, a framed finger painting from kindergarten, or a special haiku, there’s nothing that you can create yourself that mom won’t cherish forever. But when the creative juices run low, a personalized family print is the thoughtful gift that’s cute, and contemporary and cues all the “awwws.” 

child giving mother mother's day card and flowers

The beauty queen.

The mom who’s into beauty and skincare either has a firm grasp on her favorites or enjoys testing out the latest products. While face scrubs, eye masks, and bath bombs are classic wins, here are some more unique gift ideas:  

  • Press on design nails 
  • Light-up makeup vanity mirror 
  • LED light therapy mask 
  • Portable hair straightener or curler 

Bonus tip: Show mom you did your research by adding Bioderma’s Sensibio H20 micellar water to her basket of beauty goodies. While it’s a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, it also has many other uses, such as a makeup brush cleaner. 

The fitness geek.

With schedules busier than ever, people are getting their workouts in at home. For fitness moms who love everything about exercise and a healthy lifestyle, consider the following gifts:  

  • Food and exercise journal 
  • Athleisure clothing  
  • Comfy sneakers  
  • Handheld massage device 
  • Epsom bath salt  

The crafter.

Fun fact: while getting her start as an actress, Megan Markle taught calligraphy at a paper store—and thanks to Markle, this lost art is now having a moment. With a little more time at home and a love for all things DIY, mom might enjoy taking up a new skill. This beginner calligraphy kit is a great introduction to more beautiful handwriting. 

Other great crafts to gift include:  

  • Crochet kit  
  • DIY miniature dollhouse  
  • Jewelry making set 

The fashionista.

What’s trending right now isn’t so much a jacket, jeans, or stilettoes—it’s sunglasses. Whether mom prefers a classic aviator, a modern oversized style, or trendy round frames, Quay has a virtual try-on experience and a selection of spectacles that she’s sure to find chic. 

The gardener.

With long, sunny days and a season that’s just right for gardening, the mom with a green thumb is in her element right now. A longtime gardener will have her go-to tools and setup, but this pair of garden gloves with claws may be the one helpful accessory she never knew she needed. Making it easy to plant and dig without reaching for extra equipment, these gloves look extra cool, too.  

mother and daughter planting flowers in garden

The jet-setter.

A new pair of Allbirds shoes are sure to lift her spirits. Touted as the “world’s most comfortable shoes” by Time magazine, they’re known by travelers and non-travelers alike to be the easiest, grab-and-go walking shoes. Allbirds shoes are lightweight, made of natural and recycled material, and offer a minimalist, pair-with-anything profile. 

Looking for more tried-and-true travel items? Check out 10 of the most underrated travel gadgets.

The one who has it all.

For the mom who has it all, it’s always been about spending time together. Reach out to her favorite local restaurant to see if they’re doing special deliveries for Mother’s Day. Or take a day trip to the nearest botanical garden to spend a quiet day surrounded by nature.  

Celebrate With Unforgettable Gifts for Every Mom 

This Mother's Day, seize the opportunity to shower the incredible woman who has filled your life with boundless love and support – your mother – with a gift that represents her uniqueness. Whether it’s a DIY gift or some garden gloves to keep her hands as soft as silk, choosing a gift that resonates deeply with your mom will make her feel special every day.