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Small Acts of Kindness Make a Big Impact This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, and warm smiles, big hugs, and sweet kisses are its most recognizable signs of affection. However, there are other ways to show love, kindness, and care, too. Read on for ten impactful actions you can take to celebrate the cherished holiday. 

1.    Wave to a stranger.

Wave to a stranger and say “hi” or smile. We’ve all been impacted by the seclusion from people and places, so waving to someone you don’t know can make them feel more connected and secure.  

2.    Leave a nice note.

Whether it’s a compliment on their lawn or simple words of affirmation, writing a thoughtful note to a neighbor will not only foster a more positive relationship but may also encourage them to keep up the good work.

3.    Drop off flowers.

Instead of baking, consider leaving a flower for nearby family and friends. Drop it off in the mailbox or leave it on the doorstep. It’s a nice reminder that someone is thinking of them.

4.    Write a positive review online.

It’s well known that people are more inclined to leave reviews of bad experiences. Small businesses are especially vulnerable right now, so help one out by writing something positive. If you received special attention, mention the employee by name.

5.    Call and take the time to listen.

Sometimes we find ourselves avoiding phone calls and relying on text messages to communicate. However, talking to someone over the phone and getting carried away in conversation will help them feel more fulfilled—and you too.

6.    Learn to say “hello” in different languages.

It’s “hola” in Spanish, “ciao” in Italian, and “bonjour” in French. Just saying “hello” in someone’s native language will help them feel more included and appreciated.

7.    Give away gift cards you won’t use.

The holiday season is behind us, but the gift cards we were given remain. If there are a few that you know you won’t use, consider giving them to someone who can benefit from the extra savings.

8.    Say a sincere “thank you” to service providers.

A mail carrier, grocery store clerk, or drive-thru attendant are people that you may encounter regularly. Next time you see them, tell them how much you appreciate their hard work with a sincere “thank you.”

9.    Give yourself a break.

When spreading kindness to others, don’t forget to include yourself. Take the time to reflect on your own happiness and put some much needed “you time” on the calendar.

10. Do something good for the Earth.

Water a neighbor’s garden, ride your bike to run an errand, or pick up garbage from the neighborhood park. With everything that Mother Nature provides for us, it’s always nice to give back.  

Sharing Your Love Language with Your Community This Valentine’s Day

The well-known relationship book, “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, offers advice on how to give and receive love. Have you ever thought about how your love languages influence you as a homeowner? 

In our article, “Sharing Your Love Language with your Community This Valentine’s Day,” we highlight each of the five love languages—Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Gift Giving, and Words of Affirmation—and share ideas of how you can show some love to the people and spaces that make your house a home this Valentine’s Day.