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8 Herbs to Add to Your Garden Right Now

For many, summer and gardening just go together. But that’s before this handy list. Did you know some plants actually thrive during the cooler months? So although we must say goodbye to the summer season, that doesn’t mean you have to pack away gardening tools and give your green thumb a break.

Here’s our list of eight herbs that you can plant during the late summer/early fall season.

Whether you prefer curly or flat-leaved parsley, this herb is perfect for garnishing those hearty soups we all love in the fall like this Creamy Potato Soup.

Mint is a winter staple, especially when used in holiday cookie recipes. Ensure you have enough to make this upcoming holiday season merry by planting it during early fall. Mint is a notoriously easy and fast grower, so opt to plant it in a container instead of directly in your garden.  

Easily punch up any pasta recipe with basil this fall. Because it typically grows at a slower speed during the colder month, plant basil now so you can harvest some for winter.

Looking for something to pair with your basil-enhanced pasta dish? Look no further than this delicious oregano presto that you can create with your herbs. Oregano is considered a perennial, so you’ll only need to plant it once, and it’ll grow back time and time again.   

Preferring moist soil at all times, cilantro is perfect for late summer/early fall planting. Plant this herb in your garden or a container, then harvest to make this white chicken chili recipe when the temps finally drop.

Also considered a perennial, this sun-loving herb helps make up this lemon thyme rice recipe that’s sure to pair well with any meat dish you prepare this winter.

Lemon balm is a great herb to grow when the months start to turn cooler because it also thrives in moist soil. Plant lemon balm now to make your own tasty lemon balm tea that boasts some serious benefits.

Chives are tasty in the fall and also produce beautiful flowers in the spring and summer. Add chives to potatoes or make some chive butter perfect for topping vegetables and steaks.