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8 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Summers were made for fun in the sun and checking adventures off your bucket list. Grab your summer bucket list and get ready to make some revisions with these ideas!

Perfect a recipe

Summer is the ideal time to put your skills to work and perfect a recipe or two. Need some inspiration? Check out the Associa Family Cookbook Volume II: Fan Favorites.

Have a backyard movie night.

Grab your favorite snacks and put your backyard to use with a family movie night under the stars. For help transforming your backyard into the ultimate theater, Better Homes & Gardens has you covered.

Go camping.

If camping isn’t on your bucket list, now is a great time to add it. This outdoor adventure can be done at a traditional campsite or even in the comfort of your backyard. Whatever route you choose, it’ll be sure to be an experience like no other.

Grow plants.

If you look on social media or in any home decor magazine, you’ll see that plants are having a moment. With so many benefits, both indoor and outdoor, we understand why. Head to your local nursery and or order some plants online to liven up your home or beautify your garden.

Join an online book club.

Take advantage of those long summer days by joining an online book club. Doing this is a great way to grow your book reading list and socialize a little while doing so. Check your local neighborhood groups for any online clubs in your area. If there aren’t any, consider creating your own or joining one on this list.  

Have a water fight.

Gather your family, some water balloons, and water toys for a good old-fashioned water fight. If you have kids, this can help them beat the heat and is sure to leave a lasting memory for years to come.

Catch the sunrise or sunset.

Summer sunrises and sunsets are a magical must-see. Check out your local weather forecast to see what time the sun will rise or set in your area, then head outside to bask in nature’s beauty.