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How to Spruce Up Your Home Office On a Budget

illustration of woman working in home office on a budget

Nowadays, more and more people are spending their weekdays working from home. While some have a dedicated room for getting things done, others might be creating office space from the corner of their living room, dining area, or bedroom. Ultimately, you need a space where you can get work done, and sometimes, that space needs a pick-me-up to be comfortable and create inspired thinking on the job. Here are some ways to spruce up your home office on a budget using things you already have.


Giving your home office a little life can lift your spirits and make working from home more enjoyable. Just like any other part of your home, home office design can influence your emotions and thoughts. Remember to use color, natural elements, textures, and shapes to help enhance the look of the space. This can be as simple as hanging your favorite picture frames in a gallery or going the extra mile with some extra paint on a bare wall. 

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Add greenery.

Indoor plants help clean the air and provide an instant mood boost throughout the home, but you don’t have to rush to the nearest nursery to get them for your home office. Instead, pick flowers from your outdoor garden, trim ivy and bushes, or collect small branches. The fake plants sitting in a spare closet? Those work, too. You’ll be surprised how nice it looks when you bring the outdoors inside.

Hang a gallery wall.

Anything goes with a gallery wall. While a color scheme can help pull the look together, mixing and matching your kid’s artwork, favorite photos, and unused wall décor can make it imperfectly perfect. Frame what you can, but don’t force it.

Borrow from other rooms.

Raid your storage closet, garage, or shed, and shop your home for anything you can find to beautify your office space. Mirrors, lamps, decorative pillows, throws, and chairs can all contribute to a better-functioning workplace.

Turn paper into something pretty.

Adding framed paper products is a great way to give a blank wall character and save money by not having to buy more paint, pictures, posters, or wallpaper. Instead, make your wall wonderful by recycling old magazines, wrapping paper, newspapers, and books and framing interesting pictures and prose.

gray and modern home office on a budget


Cleanliness is so important when it comes to your office. A clean, clutter-free space can help ease stress and increase focus. You can use what you already have to organize your area to the fullest.

Gather containers.

Spare baskets, boxes, vases, and mason jars can all serve a purpose. Use baskets and boxes to organize files. Vases and mason jars can be used for decorative plants and flowers or to store pens, highlighters, and more.

Color file folders.

Color coding your filing system promotes efficiency and gives your space a pop. Get creative and use finger paints, markers, highlighters, food dyes, or colorful sticky notes in hues that appeal to you.


Organizing your catch-all drawer can make all the difference. Instead of it being a free-for-all of all the small and loose items around your home, take time to categorize and compartmentalize so different things are easy to find at a moment’s notice. Tuna cans make the perfect small compartments to house your paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands, and spare change.

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Sometimes, moving things out of sight can make a significant impact. Don’t let your office space become the storage closet. Remove, toss, or sell the extra clutter to make room for useful things.

Hide cords.

Cords can create a tripping hazard if they’re not properly maintained around the house. Hiding your cords or tacking them to the baseboard not only makes the room look cleaner but also makes it safer for you to move around.

Group accessories.

Create a matching desk accessory set by painting or decorating mason jars, vases, and tin cans. Use the set to store pens and other quick-grab items on your desk while keeping your space tidy.

clean and organized modern home office

Home Office on a Budget Means DIY! 

Decorating a home office on a budget is doable! From moving your furniture around to simply hiding cords, now you know that a little bit of effort can go a long way. To take your home office on a budget to the next level, try adding color to your walls. Follow our guide to mood-boosting paint to foster a more vibrant and uplifting environment in the place you call home.