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Usable, Crafty Gifts Kids Can Make at Home

A mother and daughter entertained by crafts for kids

Whether it’s a colored drawing, paper airplane, or other crafts for kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends alike will cherish a gift from a loved little one—whatever it may be.

Receiving a gift from a child is a gift within itself, but what might really surprise them is if that gift was something they could actually use.

There are many ways to amp up your kid’s creativity to construct a gift that will not only look unique but also be a handy household item.

We’ve rounded up the crafty things kids enjoy—and ideas to make them usable gifts.


Toddlers to teens love working with beads, and working with them comes with developmental benefits. While bracelets and necklaces are obvious choices, you can bead so much more.

Think outside the box, literally—super-glue beads to a small box that can be used to store anything from keys to pencils.

The best boxes to decorate are sturdy ones that have been used for packaging a candle.

Other ideas include beading mason jars to use as flower vases and picture frames to display your favorite photo together or stringing beads to act as fun napkin holders or keychains.


Many kids start painting as young as six months, so by the time they’re 12, they’re natural Picassos.

Displaying a kiddo’s masterpiece is a must-do, but it’s what they paint that will hold lasting memories and functionality, too.

Some of-the-moment ideas for what to paint include:

  • Aprons to wear while cooking.
  • Basic square pillows to use as throws.
  • Bowls to hold fruits or vegetables.
  • Rocks to act as paperweights.
  • Coffee tins to use as outdoor plant holders.

Remember to use fabric paint for cloth paintings, oil-based paint for metals, and ceramic or multi-surface paint for hard items like bowls and rocks.

Tissue Paper

For the older ones in your crew, tissue paper is a fun artsy medium. When using it for decoupage, the gifting options are endless.

Decoupage is the art of decorating an item by gluing colored pieces of tissue paper together, in combination with other decorative elements, to create something one-of-a-kind.

Because tissue paper is so delicate, you might want to save these crafty ideas for kids over 10. You can use tissue paper to decoupage ornaments or wooden trays for serving.

Another fun tip is to use tissue paper to create a personalized candle, like this one from Come Together Kids.

Two kids playing with paint while they make other crafts for kids

Popsicle Sticks

It’s highly likely that some parents have a stockpile of popsicle sticks. That’s a good thing because they’re the foundation for several kid-approved crafts.

What’s even better, they’re perfect for making usable items.

Simply paint them and use markers to draw something special on each individual stick to hand out as bookmarks.

Decorate and glue them to a square piece of corkboard to gift as coasters.

Get next-level crafty to create a bird feeder or color the sticks and layer them together, gluing ends in a square or triangle to create a jewelry box.

Baking Soda

Although it can get messy, baking soda can be used to introduce textures to tiny babies and for baking with bigger kids. 

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to put that baking to good use. Have your child help you by dumping measured baking soda into a bowl for giftable treats.

Or gift delicious-smelling bath bombs made from baking soda. Non-toxic and soothing, they’re sure to be a present that wows.

Find out more ways to use baking soda on yourself for a a little self-care while the kids are doing their own thing with crafts!  

Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

Transform fabric scraps into charming bookmarks, a delightful craft for kids that combines functionality with a personalized touch.

Children can cut fabric into interesting shapes or use fabric markers to create unique designs, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

Encourage them to choose fabrics that resonate with the person they're gifting their present to interests, which will add a thoughtful element. 

To make these bookmarks practical, guide kids in attaching a ribbon or string to one end. This not only serves as a functional element for marking pages but also adds a decorative flair.

Opt for ribbons in complementary or contrasting colors to enhance the visual appeal. 

Recycled Magazine Collages

This simple craft captures the imagination of children as they carefully cut out intriguing images, whether it's whimsical animals, captivating landscapes, or colorful patterns.

The process of arranging these cutouts on a canvas or sturdy paper not only refines their motor skills but also encourages them to express their unique artistic vision.

The final step transforms this artistic creation into a lasting masterpiece – framing. Placing the collage in a frame boosts its aesthetic appeal and turns it into a distinctive piece of wall art.

Crafts for Kids Are Fun and Giftable! 

From art collages that can be framed to wearable beaded necklaces–crafts for kids that can be made into gifts are fun to create and wonderful to receive. But if you’re looking for other ways to save this holiday season, check out our article on how to make smart spending choices for gift-giving.