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Look Fresh: Five Hot Design Trends to Expect in The New Year

trendy home with gold bar cart, green walls, and plants

A new year is the perfect time to give your home a refresh--and we're here to help. This year's design trends are all about inviting softness, fun, and connection with nature into the home. From smooth edges to bright spaces, the coming year's interior design trends are whimsical, providing light and interesting focal points that set the stage for creativity and imagination. Read on and learn how you can master the look in your own space. 

1. Vintage Looks Are New Again

Many homeowners are going green by repurposing vintage items, and the results are simply stunning. Instead of purchasing a brand-new centerpiece, vase, lighting structure, or piece of furniture, homeowners are turning to thrift stores and antique shops to find unique items that add both sophistication and originality to their spaces.

A tip for beginners hunting vintage finds: take your time. When you're searching through flea markets or antique shops (or you're shopping online), go slowly, envisioning how each piece that catches your eye can fit into your home.

Painting or otherwise personalizing your new-to-you items can also help invigorate your space and bring life to old décor.

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modern white kitchen with gold fixtures

2. Forget Sharp Edges — It's All About Soft Curves

Soft curves invite a gentle touch into the home—and this isn't just about rounded doorways and corners. Think round area rugs instead of square and oval tables instead of rectangles. Round or oval frames and mirrors can also add a touch of elegance and relaxation to counteract blocky pictures and accents.

Try incorporating this trend into your at-home office space to soften it up. Doing so can bring a sense of peace as you work through tight deadlines and last-minute meetings.

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3. Light and Bright is Having a Moment

Inviting natural light into your space can be a smart way to boost your mood and spirit. Ditch heavy curtains and blinds in favor of light and airy window treatments. If you're remodeling, add large windows that allow the sun to seep in throughout the day.

For darker rooms, use mirrors to reflect light. Neutral and nature-inspired tones (especially green) can also help lighten up darker areas.

modern house with vases and grennery

4. Outdoor Spaces Are In

Bringing the outdoors inside can liven up your home and provide a fresh, new look. No longer are outdoor rooms (like sunporches) seen as airy utility closets. These spaces are now at the top of the must-have list for homebuyers and are being treated as main parts of the home.

Outfitting your sunroom or porch with gorgeous greenery and functional furniture can help your home feel more spacious while providing a serene space to enjoy nature.

Consider adding a comfortable table or seating area in an indoor/outdoor space that allows you and your guests to enjoy each other’s company while you soak up the sun, too.

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modern kitchen with festive wallpaper and table and chairs

5. Whimsy and Fantasy Just Landed

Think Van Gogh meets Dalí: whimsical, bold décor that spikes curiosity and sparks the imagination is in. Something as simple as an unusual, fantastical rug can add an element of surprise to a room.

Swirly designs with interesting patterns are eye-catching in an otherwise forgotten space. Whimsy isn't just about patterns and pieces—it's also about color. An unexpected pop of purple or teal (or both!) can create an exciting focal point.

Want to go big? Whimsical wallpaper can add playfulness and sophistication to your most-frequented rooms.

New Year, New Design Trends, New Home

Upcoming interior design trends emphasize vintage charm, soft curves, natural light, outdoor integration, and whimsical elements. The resurgence of vintage items and soft curves add unique elegance, while a focus on light enhances mood. Integrating outdoor spaces transforms interiors, and a whimsical approach with bold patterns and unexpected colors fosters creativity. These trends highlight individuality, sustainability, and a harmonious connection with natural and fantastical elements, shaping inviting and beautiful homes.

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