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Your Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Cool and crisp months are just around the corner, opening up plenty of opportunities for fun outings, new adventures, and exciting discoveries! Looking for unique activities to add to your fall bucket list? We've got you covered with a fresh spin on traditional, season-right excursions. 

Infographic showing activities to do in the fall

50 Things to Do This Fall

Here are 50 things for the family to do this fall. How many of these activities can you check off your fall bucket list?  

  • Visit the apple orchard and make pie or applesauce. 
  • Watch a football game and come up with a cheer for your favorite team. 

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  • Do a fun craft out of fallen leaves. 
  • Rake leaves into a pile and have a leaf-jumping contest. 
  • Visit a pumpkin patch and seek out the biggest pumpkin you can find. 
  • Plant tulip bulbs to enjoy next spring. 
  • Create a beautiful fall floral arrangement with mums, asters, and other autumn blooms. 
  • Visit a sunflower farm and pick a sunflower stalk. 
  • Create a table centerpiece out of pinecones you collect outside. 
  • Head to your local park and set up a picnic with loved ones. 
  • Try a new fall-inspired recipe made from squash, pumpkins, or gourds. 

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  • Pick up cider and donuts from a local farmer's market. 
  • Take part in a Halloween costume contest. 
  • Host a scary movie marathon over the course of a weekend. 
  • Treat yourself to a new fall wardrobe, complete with cozy sweaters. 
  • Learn to knit a scarf. 
  • Carve a pumpkin and save the seeds to roast as a delicious snack. 
  • Visit a local corn maze and see how long it takes you to find your way out. 
  • Plan a hike at a local nature trail. 
  • Sign up for a fall race, such as a 5K or mini-marathon. 

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  • Pick a crisp day to shut off your AC/furnace and leave the windows open. 
  • Have each member of your family write a list of five things they're thankful for. 
  • Plan an evening to build a campfire and enjoy s'mores in your backyard. 
  • Make your own mulled wine to sip on a cool night. 
  • Hold a pie-baking contest or party with friends. 
  • Create a fall scavenger hunt for your family. 
  • Attend an autumn wreath-making class at your local arts and crafts shop. 
  • Challenge your neighbors to a fall or Halloween porch-decorating contest. 
  • Embark on a scenic drive to witness fall foliage at its peak. 
  • Attend a local harvest festival. 
  • Host a cozy book club meeting focusing on autumn-themed reads. 
  • Organize a DIY candle-making session using autumn scents like cinnamon and apple. 
  • Visit a nearby vineyard for a wine tasting. 
  • Plan a visit to a local farm for apple picking and cider pressing. 
  • Experiment with autumnal cocktails, incorporating seasonal ingredients. 
  • Host a potluck dinner with friends, each dish inspired by fall flavors. 

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  • Set up a bird feeder to attract and observe migrating birds. 
  • Arrange a visit to a historical site or museum, emphasizing autumn's history. 
  • Participate in a local charity run or event supporting fall causes. 
  • Organize a community clean-up day to prepare for winter. 
  • Create a fall-themed playlist and host a music-listening party. 
  • Experiment with DIY natural dyeing using fallen leaves. 
  • Organize a photography walk to capture the essence of fall. 
  • Set up a backyard tent for a night of stargazing. 

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  • Attend a fall-themed theater production or play. 
  • Host a game night with friends featuring board games by the fireplace. 
  • Organize a workshop to teach others a fall-related skill you possess. 
  • Create personalized autumn-themed greeting cards for friends and family. 
  • Visit a local farmer's market to discover and sample fall produce. 

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  • Engage in a gratitude journaling challenge, noting down daily blessings throughout the season. 

family running outside in fall leaves

Enjoy Fall the Right Way!  

As the leaves change and the air grows crisper, the fall season presents a canvas of endless possibilities. From the comforting aroma of mulled wine to the exhilaration of a leaf-jumping contest, each activity on this comprehensive fall bucket list captures the essence of autumn. Whether you're seeking solo adventures or bonding moments with loved ones, these 50 fall bucket list ideas ensure that your fall months are filled with warmth, creativity, and cherished memories. Embrace the season, explore new horizons, and let the magic of fall unfold around you. 

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