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Top Tips & Ideas for Holly Jolly HOA Holiday Events

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A wonderful time to spread joy and connect with friends and neighbors, a homeowners’ association’s (HOA’s) board of directors is perfectly suited to bring holiday magic to its cherished neighborhood. Just by organizing fun and festive holiday events, you can make community members feel valued and included.

In this article, we'll dive into why HOA holiday events matter and provide creative event ideas. Read on!  

Why HOA Holiday Events Matter 

Many people choose to live in an HOA because of the camaraderie and strong relationships with neighbors. However, creating this sense of community takes work. Hosting regular events throughout the holiday season and beyond is a great way to unite residents and boost the overall well-being of the community. 

Steps to Organize Your HOA Holiday Event 

Hosting a successful HOA holiday event requires thoughtful planning and execution. Here are the key steps to orchestrating an event that your community will love:  

1. Set a budget. 

Start your planning by making a realistic budget. Determine the cost of things like decorations, food, beverages, promotion, space, activities, and more, and figure out how your association will pay for it. You might consider asking for donations, hosting a bake sale, or checking in on the community’s available funds to cover the cost. With this thorough preparation, your event is sure to be enjoyable, safe—and fiscally responsible.  

2. Choose a date, time, and location. 

When it comes to HOA events—the more, the merrier! Select a date, time, and location that works for most people, and advertise the event well in advance. Weekends tend to fill up quickly, so aim to hold your community’s occasion on a weeknight or during the day.  

Hosting a smaller-scale event is no sweat, especially with our guide to at-home holiday hosting

3. Recruit volunteers. 

Volunteers are the backbone of any HOA. Get some help by forming a social committee or sending out a digital sign-up sheet and asking people to lend a hand with planning, setting up, and cleaning up. Dedicated holiday helpers lighten the board’s workload and offer an opportunity for residents to contribute to their neighborhoods.  

4. Establish safety and liability guidelines. 

Make sure you’re following your community’s guidelines and procedures. It’s also a good idea to contact your local police or fire department for safety concerns or questions. Put practical safety measures into place so you have peace of mind and your guests have a very merry time.  

9 Creative Holiday Community Event Ideas 

Infusing creativity into your HOA’s holiday events will give residents a unique and memorable experience. Here are nine imaginative ideas to consider: 

1. Recipe Exchange 

Promote culinary diversity within the community with a recipe exchange. Enlist community members to create their favorite holiday foods and share the recipes they use to make them. As meals are savored, conversations and relationships should follow.  

Desserts are perfect for sharing and gifting. Check out our list of giftable goodie recipes today! 

2. Cake Bake-Off 

Inspire a friendly culinary competition with a cake bake-off. Invite residents to bring their own cake for other competitors to taste and rate. Award prizes for the most delicious cake, the most captivating design, or other exciting categories.  

3. Neighborhood Potluck 

Create a communal dining experience with a neighborhood potluck. Invite residents to sign up to bring a dish, dessert, or drink to a big feast in the clubhouse. All the options should be more than enough to eat as residents get to know each other better. 

4. Toy Drive 

The holidays are about giving back, and an easy way to do this is by coordinating a toy drive for local underprivileged children. Partner up with a charity and collect donations from residents. At the end of the donation period, deliver the gifts and keep the magic of the season alive for those who need it most.    

5. Holiday Pet Parade 

We all love our furry friends; so why not celebrate them, too? Urge residents to dress up their pets in festive attire, set a parade path, and host an adorable spectacle for the community.  

Make sure you’re protecting your pets during the holidays. Take a look at our holiday pet safety tips today! 

6. Festive Scavenger Hunt 

Engage with residents of all ages through a festive scavenger hunt. Hide items throughout your community and encourage people to search for them. You can hide: 

  • Small gifts 
  • Candy  
  • Ornaments  
  • Accessories, like scarves and mittens 
  • Candles 
  • Blankets 

Promote the scavenger hunt in your community newsletter or app and share details about the fun surprises to increase participation. 

7. Gingerbread House-Building Contest 

Hosting a gingerbread house-building contest brings residents together under a shared goal. Gather gingerbread pieces and decorating supplies and set up stations for residents to craft their best gingerbread houses.  

8. DIY Ornament Workshop  

Ornaments are the ultimate symbol of the season. From classic designs to unique creations, they’re sure to show off style and personality. Organize a do-it-yourself ornament workshop for residents to design personalized decorations or exchange them with one another.  

Your new ornaments will look fabulous on your delightfully decorated Christmas tree. Follow our guide on putting lights, ribbons, and more on your tree today! 

9. Christmas Caroling 

Everyone has their favorite holiday song, and we all know that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. This timeless activity will get homeowners face-to-face for a quick, light-hearted performance that should make spirits bright for months to come.  

Keep the HOA Holiday Event Festivities Flowing  

From holiday pet parades to DIY ornament workshops, HOA holiday events are a cornerstone of community building, fostering a sense of belonging and joy among residents. But, it shouldn’t stop here! For ideas on extending holiday happiness, check out our tips on how to keep the seasonal spirit going for another month.