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5 Tips to Set Up a Home Gym You’ll Love

Whatever your fitness goals, a home workout space can help make them a reality. You’ll eliminate commute time to the gym and the need to carry extra clothes. Plus, you have the luxury of working out when the time is right. When designing your home gym, keep these tips in mind.

Combine cardio and weights.

Try to include both cardio and strength elements. Cardio equipment, such as a treadmill, elliptical, or indoor cycle, helps improve your cardiovascular health, enhance metabolism, increase energy levels, and assist with better sleep. While strength equipment, such as barbells, kettlebells, a weight bench, or a functional trainer, helps support muscle mass, bone health, weight management and posture, balance, and flexibility. 

Create your space.

Any room can be a home gym! You can use the basement, spare room, or garage or split your office and set up a half-room gym. Consider the amount of available space you have, and get the equipment that’ll fit. Compact elliptical trainers usually take up less floor space than treadmills, but an elliptical may require a higher ceiling. Many treadmills can be folded for storage. Adjustable dumbbells can be space savers, and fitness mirrors can do double duty, saving space while providing a way for you to check your form and technique. Psst, interested in a folding treadmill? Check out these if you’re starting out, and this one if you’re planning for heavy usage.

Buy more floor.

Rubberized flooring provides cushion and prevents sweat from ruining carpet or hardwood floors. And if you live above someone, this also can lessen floor vibrations. Look for a good, heavy-duty gym mat, interlocking tiles, or specialized gym flooring.

Get pumped.

To stay motivated, put framed posters of your races or inspirational quotes on the wall. Some people update wall colors or add fun lighting. Find a place to keep water and a towel handy. Make sure you have an area set up to blast your favorite tunes and get your blood pumping. Better yet, check out connected fitness equipment. There’s so much amazing equipment available with guided fitness programs, weight loss programs, virtual workouts, fitness trackers, and much more.

Just get started.

It’s important to remember that your home gym should be tailored to your lifestyle. It may evolve and change, much like you do. It doesn’t have to include a full set of weights, a treadmill, and a squat rack right off the bat–or ever! The hardest part is getting started, but you’re more likely to work up a sweat if everything you need is in front of you.

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