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Spring Family Bucket List: Take Advantage of Spring with These Must-Dos

School may be in session, but there are still ample opportunities to get out, play, and revel in the sunny weather and comfortable temperatures that March, April, and May bring! To help you keep busy and create a fun and exciting spring for the whole family, we've rounded up 20 spring bucket list ideas. Read on and get ready for some spring fun! 

20 Family Activities for Spring

Make it a goal to check all 20 of these spring family activities off your list.  

1. Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Try an Earth Day activity like planting a tree, starting a garden, finding bugs, or watching a nature documentary.  

2. Have an opposite day at home. Do things like wear your clothes backward, eat breakfast for dinner, and more.

3. Get in the kitchen and whip up your very own delicious homemade marshmallows. Then, use your new treat to create a build-your-own s'mores bar with graham crackers and fun chocolate bars and candies. 

s'mores ingredients on a table

4. Don't let the rain put a damper on your day. Brighten up your spirits and enjoy the grey skies by skipping, singing, dancing, and playing in the rain. 

5. Act like a tourist in your town. Stay at a boutique hotel, visit interesting museums, and ask a local you don't know for a dinner recommendation. You never know what you'll discover! 

6. Find some old pillowcases and have a pillowcase race with friends. Simply invite each player to stand inside a pillowcase, holding the top. Then, race to the finish line. 

7. Let a loved one know you're thinking about them by sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. In-season spring flowers include: 

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Peonies
  • Crocus
  • Roses
  • Buttercups 
  • And more! 

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8. There's nothing better than a squeaky-clean ride. Grab a bucket and some suds and wash your car in the driveway. You'll probably inspire your neighbors to do the same! 

9. Take pictures of your favorite spring moments and collect cool mementos. On the last day of spring, make a scrapbook or bury a time capsule. 

10. Host a family talent show. Try your hand at making up a dance, singing a song, or doing magic tricks

11. Rent a canoe, kayak, or paddleboat. Then, take your new floats for a spin at the local lake or river on a warmer day. 

child kayaking on lake on sunny day

12. Play pickleball with friends at your neighborhood pickleball court. Once you get going, you'll quickly see why so many people love the popular sport! 

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13. Paint rocks with an uplifting message and gift them to your neighbors. You're sure to make their day! 

14. Challenge your friends to a game of Wordle. Compete to see who can solve the five-letter word first. 

15. Make paper boats with printer paper and float them in a kiddie pool. 

mother and son making colorful paper boats

16. Source some shaving cream and have a foam party in your backyard.

17. Parents: Get zen and prepare for a long summer with the kids at home and schedule a massage before the last day of school. 

18. Write a note of appreciation to your favorite nurse or teacher. They work so hard and a couple of simple, heartfelt words and a small "thank you" go a long way. 

19. Try a new recipe using fresh, in-season berries. Pop tarts, smoothies, cobblers, and pies are always a hit! 

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20. Dye hard-boiled eggs, do a spring craft, and make Easter baskets for the grandparents. 

Printable Spring Bucket List for Families

Want to take this list on the go? Print out our comprehensive spring bucket list for families below! Share it with family and friends and get ready for the best spring yet. 

printable page with 20 things to do this spring

Spring Family Activities: Play Hard; Work Hard!

From making paper boats and DIY s'mores to creating Easter baskets and a spring bouquet, these spring family activities on our spring family bucket list will keep you busy! Want even more to do this spring? Check out our spring house maintenance list. In it, we share a complete and comprehensive list of home maintenance tasks so you can get moving and prepare for the warmer months ahead. Happy spring!