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5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Earth Day

Mother and daughter watering plants in a greenhouse garden.

April brings so much more than showers to fuel May’s flowers. This month includes one of the most important holidays we have: Earth Day! Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate the planet and beauty found in nature. Here are five great Earth Day activities to get your kids involved and active in the holiday. Who knows? While you learn how to celebrate Earth Day, you might even establish family traditions and pick up new Earth-friendly hobbies along the way!

When is Earth Day?

If you're gonna celebrate it, you should know why Earth Day is important and when it is recognized. Earth Day is held annually on April 22nd to promote and support environmental protection efforts. 

1. Start a kid-friendly garden.

The season of growth and renewal, spring is the time to start planting summer flowers and produce. Celebrate Earth Day by getting your kids involved in the process and teaching them about all things gardening. To make it extra special, invest in a small pail and spade for your kids, as well as gardening gloves, so they’ll be able to help all year long. Have each child plant a seed or pick out a varietal of their own and race to see whose plants thrive the most.

2. Get outside and look for bugs.

Experience the outdoors and appreciate everything mother nature has to offer on Earth Day. Whether it’s going on a hike at a nearby trail or taking a simple walk to your local park, being outside can refresh your day and allow your kids to connect with nature, even for just a little while. For some added entertainment, have a scavenger hunt for bugs and animals like ants, squirrels, bees, birds, and butterflies.  

3. Make a plant-based meal with cool textures.

Honor Mother Earth by making a plant-based meal with your kids on her special day. From black-bean burgers to cashew cream mac and cheese, there are tons of vegan and vegetarian recipes out there that are family-friendly and delicious. Have fun with a variety of textures like blended cashews, pressed tofu, mashed avocado, or peeled carrots to add interest and yummy flavor.

4. Learn about young climate change-makers.

We're in an incredible age of environmental activism, and there are many young role models who can inspire kids for their own activism. On Earth Day, consider educating your kids on the work and words of figures like Greta Thunberg, Leah Thomas, Vic Barret, and Isra Hirsi. Here’s’s comprehensive list of young activists to help you get started.

If you’re looking for a more dynamic activity, challenge your kids (and yourself) to give a short presentation on the climate activist of their choice.

5. Watch a nature documentary of their favorite animal.

Several exciting nature documentaries, including Secrets of the Whales (Disney+), are coming out for Earth Day, but there are already tons of kid-friendly documentaries perfect for Earth Day activities. Check out the list of titles below and settle in on Earth Day to learn more about a fascinating species and the world they live in.

  • March of the Penguins (2005)
  • African Cats (2011)
  • Planet Earth (2006)
  • Hidden Kingdoms (2014)