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What Is Soft Washing? Definition, Meaning, and Benefits

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Become the neighborhood trendsetter by being the first to softwash your house this spring. Soft washing runs water through a pump that sprays a harmless chemical mixture on a house’s exterior. This cleaning process is also effective in removing organic stains on outdoor furniture. So, what is soft washing? Let’s find out. 

Everything You Need to Know About Residential Soft Washing

Many people confuse pressure washing with soft washing. However, some key elements differentiate the two types of cleaning methods. Discover the differences between the two types of washing that have revolutionized how we clean houses today. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing involves applying high-pressure water to clean exterior surfaces like decks, driveways, and sidewalks. It removes grime, loose paint, mud, and more from hard surfaces like concrete, steel, or stone. 

Unlike the soft washing method, pressure and power washing operate using high-pressure water. Power washing employs a similar technique to pressure washing. However, pressure-washing experts claim the difference is that power washing uses hot water. 

Soft Washing

Soft washing uses low water pressure to clean roofs, walls, and glass. The soft-washing method proves effective for surfaces that can get damaged with a pressurized wash. For example, exterior surfaces of the house, like roof shingles, windows, and glass doors, require less water pressure. 

The soft-wash system runs low-pressure water through a pump which helps in cleaning algae, mildew, bacteria, and other dirt particles from home exteriors. This cleaning method also uses a biodegradable solution that does not harm the environment.

All About Soft Washing

Find out why soft washing has become the preferred method to clean a house’s exterior. Using water with very little pressurization. Soft washing removes mold, algae, and debris on rooftops and walls. Find detailed answers to common soft-washing questions below. 

Where to Apply Soft Wash in the House? 

Manufacturers first invented soft washing to clean algae off roof shingles. Applying a pressure wash to roofs voids its warranty because it causes granular loss and destroys UV protection. The gentle and effective method of cleaning with soft washing works on many surfaces, such as wood panels, glass windows, glass doors, vinyl siding, and others.   

What Equipment Does Soft Wash Require?

A soft wash system has a tank, pump, hose, nozzle, and trigger gun. The tank holds cleaning solutions while the pump moves the solution to the end of the nozzle. The trigger gun helps to control the flow of the water. Different nozzles exist on the market to create the desired water pressure. 

What Cleaning Solutions Are Used for Soft Wash? 

The most common cleaning ingredients in a soft-wash solution include bleach, water, and a surfactant. The primary agent, bleach, disinfects and kills mildew spores, algae, or fungi that may grow on exterior surfaces of a house. Surfactants shake up the mold and dirt particles, which makes them easier to wash away. Water dilutes the solution to make it less caustic. 

Benefits of Soft Washing

Discover the many advantages of soft washing. Soft washing not only keeps the exterior surface area of the house clean, but it also prevents rot and deterioration. Learn all about the benefits of soft washing and why this cleaning method has become a favorite for today’s homeowners.   

1. Cleans All Surfaces and Corners

The soft wash cleaning method reaches difficult-to-reach angles and corners of a house that often get neglected. Water from a soft-wash machine can shoot up to 15 meters. The pressure from the water can clean roofs, eaves, and other elevated areas of the house that might otherwise require ladders or scaffolding to reach.   

2. Requires Less Work than Pressure Washing

High-pressure washing requires the user to stand close to the surface they wish to clean. This requirement means ladders or scaffoldings are needed to wash dirt off hard-to-reach places. Soft washing does not come with a long list of instructions and precautions like pressure washing.   

3. Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solution

Soft washing uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not harm the environment. Although the soft-washing solution contains bleach, the blend also consists mostly of water, which dilutes it. The diluted bleach used in soft washing is the same proportion applied in swimming pools and chlorinated drinking water.   

4. Soft-Wash Cleaning Lasts a Long Time

Power and pressure washing can blast away grime, mold, and algae growth from hard surfaces. However, without bleach, plant growth such as algae and mold returns faster than soft washing. Soft washing with bleach sanitizes everything so plants and fungus do not grow back, ensuring that the results of the cleaning project last for a long time.

5. Cleans Fragile Surfaces With Care

Detergent-assisted washing uses less pressure to avoid damaging breakable surfaces. Delicate surfaces need gentle cleaning with low-pressure bleach or a detergent. For example, cleaning asphalt roofs with high pressure can cause granular loss or hose away the roof’s UV protective coating. Glass windows and doors can also break from pressure washing.  

Why You Should Use Professionals for Soft-Washing

While some people think they can softwash their own homes, they never produce the results that professionals deliver. Common amateur mistakes can also damage the property, posing unnecessary risks. Find out why hiring a professional with experience in soft washing is the way to go. 


Although many homeowners think doing it themselves will cost less, they forget the amount of time and effort they need to invest. People do not realize that many things can go wrong during a first-time soft-washing project until they encounter a problem.

Homeowners would also need to spend money on products and rent pressure washers to clean their properties. Choosing the wrong product can also become a costly mistake. Trusting the professionals can save homeowners time, money, and frustration.  

Quicker and Better Results

Based on the size of the house, skilled experts will take a day or two to wash and clean the property. Professionals possess the experience to treat each surface area of the house individually. Having worked in the field for a long time, they also know the right cleaning products to use. 

Soft washing specialists also own the latest and best equipment available on the market so they can deliver a premium result. Amateurs often commit blunders that compel them to hire the pros to do the job all over again. Avoid the hassle of soft washing an entire house alone and let the people who know what to do take over.

Professional Soft Washing Service | Groovy Hues 

What is soft washing? Now that you know the answer and have discovered the advantages and usefulness of soft washing, watch our specialists in action. Our team draws upon years of experience to softwash even the most complex buildings. Call Groovy Hues at 844-430-2698 for a free consultation today!

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