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Spring Maintenance To-Do List for Your Home

Spring is upon us, and beyond tax season, it also brings with it the need to restore your home to its former, pre-winter glory. If you’ve been putting off the chores of homeownership until spring and find yourself a bit overwhelmed, look no further. We’ve rounded up all the necessary maintenance tasks so you can get moving on your to-do list and prepare for the warmer months ahead.

1. Clean the gutters.

Ideally, you should be clearing your gutters at least twice a year, but taking care of them in the spring is crucial to preserving your home’s drainage system and preventing issues amid the rainy season. Gutters with standing water from melted snow, dead leaves, or trapped rain can cause drainage problems, such as cracked foundations, basement moisture, and more. 

Cleaning the gutters is as easy as hopping on a ladder and using gloves or tools to eliminate blockages. If you’re unable to get the job done or are wary of climbing up a ladder, there are professional services available to assist.

2. Check your roof.

Much like gutter maintenance, keeping your roof clean and assessing for damage is a must on your spring to-do list. Winter weather and snow can severely impact a roof’s integrity, so at the start of a new season, it’s important to check on the roof and confirm there aren’t any loose shingles, broken fastenings, or other issues.

3. Clear your yard and prepare your garden.

Dead leaves and debris can impact the health of your lawn and garden beds and stifle growth. Rake your lawn and flower beds and remove all remaining dead weeds and foliage. This will ensure a proper foundation to plant and fertilize. As part of clearing your yard, guarantee that the watering devices you use to maintain your landscaping still function correctly. 

4. Inspect your windows and cooling system.

Waiting for the first hot day of the year to inspect your windows and cooling equipment might not be the best idea. If you prepare your windows and cooling systems in advance, your home will be less likely to feel the stress of the heat. For older windows, make sure they still open and close effectively and the seals are holding. Confirm screens are secured in your windows and your AC units are clean and in good working order. Also, wipe down the blades of your ceiling fans so they won’t kick up dust when you turn them on for the first time.

5. Do a little spring cleaning.

Just like your exterior, your interior can always use a little sprucing up before the arrival of a new season. Put away your wintery décor, dig out your transitional wardrobe, and do a deep clean of all floors and surfaces. Deep cleaning your bathroom and kitchen can eliminate conditions that make those spaces ripe for mold during more humid months. 

6. Break out the outdoor furniture.

Once you’ve cleaned, cleared out, or checked all the other things on your to-do list, prepare your outdoor furniture for its seasonal reveal. To get the most out of your patio or garden this spring, scrub your outdoor furniture and ready it for use by fixing any broken pieces or addressing any discoloration.