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Five Hilarious (But Harmless) April Fool’s Day Ideas

On April 1st, April Fool’s Day is a chance to let our inner prankster loose, encouraging playful stunts and fun tricks with family and friends. However, for the best laughs, you don’t want to go too far and ruin someone’s day. Here are a few of our favorite hilarious—but harmless—“gotchas” that’ll humor everyone. 

Picture This

Do you and your family members find the funny in a random celebrity, character, or pop culture moment? There’s a picture-perfect opportunity to use that for your April Fool’s Day prank. Print out pictures of the person or event and tape them around the house overnight. They can go on the fridge, replace family photos, cover a car, or even stick right on your front door. When everybody wakes up, they’ll be greeted by their favorite inside joke. 

Keep An Eye on It 

Grab a whole lot of googly eyes and stick them to the items your chosen target reaches for each morning. Add them to mugs, photos, buttons on electronics, and so much more. Whether your target is looking for breakfast or their work clothes, they’ll know they’ve been fooled once they realize everything is staring right back at them. 

Unusual Oreos

While this is a classic trick that most people are familiar with, it won’t stop anyone from falling for it. For this stunt, take a pack of Oreos and replace the creamy filling with something similar in color, like mayonnaise, sour cream, or cream cheese. Leave the open pack around your house and encourage people to take a bite. With a quick mouthwash, there’s no harm done, besides the disappointment of not getting to eat the star snack. 

Taped TV

All you need to pull off this practical joke is a piece of tape. Grab one that matches the color of your remote or TV and place it over the sensor on either device. Your prankee will be disappointed when they sit down for a binge-watching session and find they can’t get started. To level-up the joke, use an extra remote to turn the TV on when they aren’t looking. They won’t know what to do until they spot the tape or you reveal your trickery. 

Balloons in Bed

If your loved ones are familiar with you fooling around on April 1st, use this prank at the end of the day when they think they’ve escaped your plans. Swap out one of their pillows with balloons, and when they’re ready to go to bed…pop! For a less-startling surprise, substitute balloons with bubble wrap or put a rubber chicken underneath their pillow or fitted sheet. 

Ready, Set, Clean! 

While April Fool’s Day is fun, it can lead to some messy situations. Download our “Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist” for tried-and-true home cleanup pointers.