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4 Summer Home Improvement Projects to Knock Out This Weekend

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to tackle all those home projects you've been putting off. While spring cleaning is great, clearing rooms out and getting a good look around your house can lead to a daunting to-do list. Take advantage of warmer weather and longer days, and give your home the little pick-me-up it needs with these four projects you can knock out fast.


1) Power Wash Your House

We've all seen those oh-so-satisfying power washing videos, and it's not a bad idea to do the same to your own home while the weather's warm. Not only will a good wash give your house some curb appeal, but it also helps rinse away harmful mold or algae that may have grown during the wetter months. Plus, it gives you a chance to inspect for any beehives, loose siding, and other things that could be missed with a passing glance. You can power wash patios, decks, and dirty furniture while you're at it, too!


2) Air Out Your Home

It's inevitable—after living in the same place for a while, we become nose-blind. Unusual odors like your cat's litter box or your son's gym bag eventually become part of the environment, and sometimes we don't notice these things until we're out of the house for a few days. Summer is the perfect season to open up your windows and give your home a literal breath of fresh air.

Keeping the windows open won't just help rid your house of any funky smells. Feeling the breeze come through as you relax or clean can help you feel calm and grounded. It can also help remove condensation, which decreases your chances of getting sick from mold exposure later in the year.

Open as many windows as you are comfortable with in the morning or at night when the outside temperature is a little cooler. Using a fan in a window can help circulate the air when there isn't a breeze.


3) Refinish Your Deck

Whether you plan on entertaining guests or hanging out with your family, a refinished deck can make a huge difference. Giving your deck a makeover doesn't just make it look nice—it can also help spot potential problems before they happen. Cracks, loose screws, and unstable boards can reduce the lifespan of your deck, and an uneven surface can lead to splinters on bare feet.

If this is too big of an undertaking to do yourself, check to see if any local businesses are offering a summer discount and save where you can!

Once your deck has been updated, add lights, buy new furniture, and do what you can to make it a cozy place to hang out if you’re up for it.


4) Change Your AC Filters

If you live in a warmer climate, there's a good chance your home has central cooling. To keep your AC running the way it's meant to and prevent blowing unnecessary allergens into your home, make sure to change your air filters and clean all vents. When your vents are dirty, the freshly cleaned air will just carry allergens back into your living space.

Changing your filters can help save electricity—and, in turn, help you save money. Energy bills already tend to go up during the summer, but a dirty filter can make it more costly. When a filter is caked with dust, air can't travel through as easily, which means your cooling system has to work harder.

If you have a window unit, it's equally important to make sure to clean your unit from inside the window and outside, and change or rinse your filter often.

Save your lungs and your money, and make sure your cooling is working as efficiently as possible.

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