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Beating the Holiday Blues: 5 Ways to Make Your Pet Feel Loved This Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and soon your calendar will be jam-packed with holiday shopping, gift exchanges, and celebrations. With all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy for your pet to get lonely and feel forgotten. The following are 5 easy ways you can combat these emotions and make your furry friend feel loved.

  1. Exercise regularly.

Just like humans, pets need exercise too. Squeezing in some quality time and regularly exercising your pet will not only keep them physically healthy, but it’ll also help prevent boredom and strengthen emotional bonds.

  1. Provide background noise.

If you know your pet will be alone for long periods of time, fill the silence by playing music or leaving the TV on while you’re away. This background noise will keep your dog stimulated and prevent feelings of loneliness and boredom.

  1. Surround them with toys.

The holidays are the perfect time to refresh your pet’s toy collection. Surrounding your pet with new toys will keep them engaged and entertained while you’re busy or away. Ordinary toys can get old fast, so if you can, buy interactive toys like puzzles that will stimulate their mind for hours.

  1. Get them a sibling.

Give your pet the ultimate holiday gift: a sibling. There are countless benefits to having multiple pets, including decreased separation anxiety, stress, and boredom and increased moods and health. However, before you get your pet a companion, make sure to do research and consider different animals, breeds, and personality types.

  1. Keep them socialized.

If getting another animal isn’t an option, try to keep your pet as socialized as possible. Visit parks or schedule play dates with other pets to keep them active, entertained, and decrease feelings of fear and anxiety.

While these are some great options to help your pet feel less lonely, if you notice new or unusual behaviors or feel like something is wrong, make sure to talk to your vet to find a solution that works best for you and your pet.