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Get Indoors! Plants You Can Easily Grow in Your Home

baskets with hanging plantsFrom work to home, technology is ever-present. The constant blue glow of screens seemingly never turns off. Wellness-minded Millennials (people born from 1981-1996), especially, look to reconnect with nature — both ornamentally and emotionally — with houseplants.

Seeking a calmer and more purpose-driven lifestyle, Millennials are adding houseplants to their décor and to enrich their lives. Houseplants give them a sense of purpose, aiding in their desire to nurture. With so many Exotic Angel® Plants to choose from, there is no shortage of options for stylish plants to add to an indoor oasis. 

A recent YouGov study found that on average people spend nearly 22 hours a day indoors. With people spending more time indoors than ever before, they are experiencing negative effects on their mood, sleep, performance and even respiratory systems.

“Millennials are looking for plants that look great, and also make them feel good,” says Costa Farms’ garden expert, Justin Hancock. “Our curated collection of diverse houseplants from around the globe enhances people’s surroundings, as well as their well-being.”

Top Three Plants Millennials Love

  1. Pothos

Pothos is ideal for houseplant beginners. It grows best in medium to high light, but also tolerates low light. Hang it in a basket, let it climb or place it on a window sill. Choose from tried-and-true varieties such as golden pothos or go with something new like ‘Manjula’ pothos for stylish plants with gorgeous variegation.

  1. Ivy

Easy-to-grow ivy adds a touch of greenery and tranquility to indoor spaces. It grows in low light and tolerates inconsistent watering. Place in hanging baskets, allowing it to climb, or let the vines drape elegantly over a container on a side table. Costa Farms produces an impressive 60 varieties of ivy, including ‘Lauren’s Lace’, which has ruffled leaves that are playfully accented with golden-yellow edges.

  1. Fittonia

Also known as nerve plant, Fittonia adds a pop of color with leaves that have bright pink, white or red veins. Its petite size allows for it to be placed almost anywhere. Fittonia prefers medium to low light, but tolerates direct sun if the light is filtered through a sheer curtain. All 15 varieties of Fittonia bring vibrant color and peace to homes.  

About the Author

Justin Hancock is a garden expert. He’s passionate about plants and loves growing houseplants, tropicals, annuals, and perennials. Justin has a wealth of experience gardening all the way from Northern Minnesota to Miami. In addition to being a gardener, Justin is a garden writer and spent 10 years as a gardening editor at Better Homes and Gardens magazine.