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The New Community Trends Everyone is Talking About

Move over potlucks and block parties! The ways people engage with their neighbors are getting more and more creative. We’ve rounded up some new community event ideas that HOA communities everywhere are doing to bring neighbors together. Here are our favorites!

1. Cooking demonstrations.

An HOA Cooking Demonstration Led By a Chef in a Black and White Apron

Who says you must go far to have your favorite chef prepare a meal? Invite a chef from a popular restaurant to do a cooking demonstration in your community.

This is one of our top creative event ideas that you can set up at someone's house, in the clubhouse kitchen, or outside! 

Attendees get their cooking stations to make their food, or they can mix, mingle, and learn as the chef cooks up a delectable meal for everyone to enjoy. This event is sure to fill up quickly—nothing brings people together quite like delicious food.

2. Private fitness classes.

Two Women Taking a Private Fitness Class at Home to Keep in Shape

From spinning and Pilates to kickboxing and yoga, it seems there are more ways than ever to break a sweat AND have fun right now.

Contact a local fitness studio and schedule a private class just for your community; or, if you have a fitness center, you can see if a local instructor can teach a class on-site. 

We love when communities serve some breakfast or light bites after and give their event a fun name like “Donuts & Dumbbells” or “Pilates & Parfaits.” 

3. Community happy hours.

A Group of Adults Enjoying Their HOA Happy Hour With Good Food and Drinks

Offer a change of scenery and host a community happy hour at a nearby bar or restaurant. The best part is most spots offer discounts for large groups.

Or agree to host a happy hour at the community clubhouse and make these top classic cocktails right at home! 

Wherever you choose, happy hours are a great way for neighbors to get to know one another outside of a typical hi-and-bye situation.

And, in good weather, more communities are turning their events into a “yappy” hour, so furry friends can come along!

4. Go-green initiatives.

Kids Picking Up Empty Water Bottles From the Seashore Participating in a Go Green Initiative

Great news: HOA communities are becoming more aware of their environmental impact and are taking steps to minimize it.

That's why we've chosen this as one of our top community event ideas for families. Flex your green thumb and decrease your carbon footprint by: 

  • Creating a community garden
  • Building a compost bin
  • Starting a recycling program 

These eco-friendly activities can bring the community together and improve the Earth while reducing costs.

Residents of all ages can get involved and support a sustainable environment for future generations. It really is easy being green! 

5. Hikes and picnics in the park.

A Group of People Sitting At the Edge of a Cliff Having a Small Picnic After a Hike

Going outside and soaking up the sun is never a bad idea! One trending event that residents can do with their neighbors is going on a hike and then picnicking.

Choose a park or trail nearby and plan a morning or afternoon outing. 

Pack some yummy snacks and drinks and bring blankets or chairs for a comfortable experience.

Take this opportunity to bond with your neighbors over outdoor exercise and scrumptious food. 
Plus, it's a chance to enjoy nature and fresh air. Don't forget to take some group photos and share them on your HOA app and encourage others to join in on the fun!

Gather your neighbors and get active! 

Community event ideas come naturally the more you plan and do them. They’re an essential aspect of building social connections, promoting health and well-being, and strengthening the fabric of your HOA.

From cooking demonstrations to private fitness classes and community happy hours, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in the family. Embrace the sense of belonging with these fun-for-everyone community event ideas!