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A World of Inspiration: Exploring Home Decor Styles from Around the Globe

global interior design swatches

When searching for home decor ideas, you have plenty of influences to draw from—Pinterest, the house you grew up in, a friend’s condo, or even the cozy coffee shop down the street. However, if you’re searching for truly unique places for decor and home ideas, consider expanding your horizons and think globally.

Whether you want a spring refresh or are decorating for the first time, the following countries each have a distinct style. From the soft, functional minimalism of Danish design to the bright, colorful maximalism of Mexican homesteads, follow along as we explore a world’s worth of decor inspiration.

What’s Home Decor?

Home decor, or home decoration, is the name for the furniture, art, and accessories that shape the look and feel of your home on the inside. It’s different from interior design, which is focused on creating a functional space in a building, not accessories or decoration. Home decor is all about that and figuring out how to emphasize the right aesthetic while maintaining balance and rhythm.

What Are the Different Home Decor Styles?

Every region of the globe has its own home decor motifs and trends. Here are six of our favorite home decor destinations, from Europe to Asia and Africa:

Danish interior design bedroom with bed and chair

Denmark Design Style

While this Scandinavian country is small, Denmark’s impact on design is huge. Danish homes are simple and streamlined, emphasizing clean lines, craftsmanship, and functionality; however, they're anything but uninviting. The Danish concept of hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”), or a quality of coziness that causes contentment, results in welcoming, convivial environments. Trust us, Scandinavian interior design is unlike any other.


  • Natural light. Replace heavy window treatments with lightweight ones, and accessorize with sleek Scandinavian lamps, pendant lights, and wall sconces. 
  • Light woods. Accent lighter-colored woods, like birch, oak, and beech, with pastels and muted whites, blacks, and grays.
  • Sculptural furniture. Include mid-century, high-quality sculptural pieces, like ergonomic egg chairs and nesting tables. 
  • Warmth & coziness. Add a touch of hygge and warmth through soft wool or cotton rugs, throw pillows, and blankets, along with comforting objects, like candles, books, fresh flowers, and artwork.

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red mexican home exterior with potted cacti

Mexico Design Style

A convergence of Spanish missionaries and conquistadors, Mayan and Aztec tribes, Native Americans, and Southwestern Americans, Mexican style is a sensational cultivation of its diverse roots. With over-the-top colors, fine folk art, and vivacious patterns, the country has a joyful and magnetic allure that reflects its passionate people and proud heritage. 


  • Bold colors. Echoing the country’s vibrant culture, landscape, and spirit, you’ll see sunny yellows, striking oranges, lush greens, and deep blues on the interior and exterior of homes.
  • Rustic elements. Add reclaimed pinewood furniture and wrought iron fixtures, like kitchen hardware, railings, and gates, to make a statement and commemorate the country’s artistic craftsmanship.
  • Talavera tiles. Install these intricately handcrafted tiles as your kitchen backsplash, on countertops, or as a border around fireplaces, windows, or doorways.  
  • Traditional textiles. Supply visual appeal in a meaningful way with authentically woven blankets, wall hangings, rugs, and cushions with geometric shapes and floral motifs.

Japanese interior design living room

Japan Design Style

Taking a less-is-more approach, Japanese interiors are characterized by minimalism, purposeful composition, and airy silhouettes. The harmonious coexistence of humans and their surroundings is intentionally selected, with natural lighting, plants, and neutral color palettes creating timeless and mindful sanctuaries that embody Japan's globally admired gracefulness and considerate demeanor. 


  • Declutter. Rid your space of “noisy” objects and use uncomplicated decor and simple furniture.
  • Zen elements. Incorporate soothing water features, Zen gardens with rocks and sand, and indoor plants like bonsai trees.
  • Shoji screens. Replace traditional doors, windows, and room dividers with shoji screens, thick paper or fabric panels stretched over a wooden frame. 
  • Japanese art. Strategically introduce lacquerware, woodblock prints, calligraphy, ceramics, and paintings on hanging scrolls to honor the country’s meticulous aesthetic. 

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chic french home living room interior

France Design Style

French decor takes the same laissez-faire approach that French women take toward their style. It’s effortlessly chic, casually elegant, and leans for eclectic over carefully curated. Celebrating their rich history and culture, French homes are filled with a fusion of eras and strike a balance between sophistication and comfort.


  • Mix and match pieces. Instead of buying new, weave vintage flea market scores in with present-day thrift finds.
  • Glamorous touches. Stick to subdued color schemes with just an occasional hint of glitz and glamour, like a gilded mirror, velvet drapes, tufted headboard, or crystal chandelier. 
  • Architectural details. Call attention to your home’s defining features, or install crown molding, ceiling medallions, paneling, herringbone-pattern floors, wooden beams, and wainscoting.
  • Distressed furniture. Value well-loved age-speckled mirrors, distressed tables, and metals with a slight patina.

open concept brazil interior home

Brazil Design Style

Bold and bright meets a respect for nature in Brazilian design styles, which represent the country’s dynamic history, lifestyle, and geography. This is a mash of traditional and rustic elements in vivid colors paired with elements from indigenous Brazilian provisions.


  • Open floor plans. If you can, opt for an open floor plan to achieve the South American country’s contemporary architecture and facilitate its affinity for entertaining.
  • Plants. Home to 60% of the Amazon Rainforest, it makes sense that plants are a focal point of Brazilian homes. Invite the outdoors inside and accomplish a lush, jungle vibe by potting oversized ferns on porches, adorning windowsills in succulents, positioning ornamental trees in living rooms, and hanging trailing greens from ceilings.
  • Organic materials. Utilize organic materials and shapes, like stone walkways, rattan chairs, wooden frames, woven baskets, jute rugs, and marble countertops, throughout your home to promote sustainability and show appreciation for the country’s bounty.
  • Tropical patterns. Consider displaying wallpapers, upholsteries, and textiles with patchwork, ikat patterns, Bahia stripes, floral and fruit designs, and animal prints with the country’s native flora and fauna for a spectacular sensory feast.

outdoor home in morocco

Morocco Design Style

Influenced by Moorish designs and the rolling beauty of the Sahara Desert, Moroccan decor is stylish and sensual. It highlights intense color, varied texture, and fluidity versus rigidity. From the telltale poufs to flowy fabrics and playful rugs, there’s no shortage of drama—or inspiration—to be sourced from Morocco.


  • Low furniture. Arrange unconventional, overstuffed, low-slung poufs, floor cushions, ottomans, and oversized pillows made from richly colored or textured fabrics for storage and seating.
  • Arches. Add niches, domed ceilings, and horseshoe arches in alcoves, windows, and doorways. Hang brass or copper lanterns with stained glass or cut-outs below for even more opulence.
  • Zellige tilework. Hand-chiseled from local clay, apply these naturally pigmented geometric tiles to walls, ceilings, and floors,
  • Signature scents. Using orange blossom, jasmine, and rose in candles, room sprays, and diffusers will evoke Moroccan flair.

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More For Your Home Décor

These home decor ideas should be a great starting point to change the look and feel of your space. From the streamlined Danish design style to the stylish and sensual Moroccan design style, you’re sure to find something that fits your vibe.

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