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Spring 2024 Issue

Fresh stories await.

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Spring is finally here, and we're excited to kick it off with our Spring 2024 edition of Coming Home magazine! This issue is about embracing all the creativity that surrounds us. Inside, you'll find spring lifestyle articles for homeowners, including tips on making the best refreshing cocktails, rainy day activities, fusion recipes, and so much more!  


DIY Drinks: How to Make Better Cocktails at Home (Pg. 6) 

Mixing up your own cocktails at home is like embarking on a thrilling adventure packed with fun challenges and delicious rewards. It's a fantastic way to spice up a dinner party or become the ultimate host. Playing around with mixology can boost your creativity and turn your get-togethers into unforgettable events. So, come along as we share some tips on creating tastier and more exciting cocktails at home! 


Farm to Table: Farmers Market Shopping Hacks (Pg. 10) 

There's something truly magical about strolling through the farmers market on a crisp spring morning. From vibrant produce to artisanal treats, the sights and smells awaken the senses and ignite culinary inspiration. But navigating the market can be overwhelming without a game plan. That’s why we share insider tips to help you make the most of your farmers market experience. Get ready to fill your basket with the season's finest offerings! 


Flavorful Fusions: Unexpectedly Spectacular Recipes (Pg. 12) 

Brighten up those rainy spring days with our spectacular fusion recipes. Whether you're looking to whip up a storm on a lazy weekend or add some spice to a weekday dinner, our easy-to-follow recipes are here to save the day. Dive into a world of flavors and creativity as you explore these delicious dishes that blend the best of different cuisines. 


A World of Inspiration: Design Styles from Around the World (Pg. 14) 

Whether you're seeking a spring update or embarking on your first decorating endeavor, each of the countries included boasts its own unique style. From the understated yet functional minimalism of Danish design to the bold and colorful maximalism found in Mexican homes, you'll find a wealth of inspiration from around the globe awaiting you. 



Nothing But Net: Everything You Need to Know About Basketball (Pg. 28)

It’s basketball season, and fans all over are gathering to watch the sport that captivates spectators with its fast-paced action and electrifying energy. To help you better understand how it works, we break down the fundamentals of the game, from positions to the lingo. So, get ready to keep pace with the game and understand what’s happening! 


Welcome Spring with Coming Home Magazine!  

As the seasons change, let us inspire you with exciting ideas. Explore new flavors, dive into basketball, and enhance your spring experience with our curated articles. Join us as we welcome the season with open arms. Read the full magazine above!