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Winter 2023 Issue

Get inspired by the joy of the holiday season.

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The merriest season of all is finally here, and so is our very first winter 2023 issue of Coming Home magazine! How to find and embrace warmth and comfort during shorter and colder days is at the forefront of this sensational issue. In these winter and holiday lifestyle articles for homeowners, you’ll find:

7 Questions with a Christmas Tree Vendor (Pg. 10)  

The most magical decoration of them all, the Christmas tree represents everything there is to adore about the holidays. As they bring their natural fragrance to homes everywhere, knowing how to make them last until January is a secret we unveiled in our interview with a Christmas tree vendor. Get ready to take delight in your tree a little longer with her insider tips and tricks!   

Five Ways to Feel Happier in the Next Five Minutes (Pg. 12)   

Finding joy can sometimes feel like a mission impossible amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Luckily, you can feel better in just five minutes. Check out our five much-needed strategies to get a well-deserved burst of bliss.    

 A Complete Holiday Event Handbook (Pg. 14)   

Sleigh your way through holiday party planning with this step-by-step guide to hosting. During these festive days filled with soirées and celebrations, mastering the art of meticulous preparation is essential for every host or hostess. Read this article to learn the best practices for preparing everything. 

Paw-liday Safety (Pg. 24) 

As excited as we get about the end-of-year holidays, so do are our furry friends living with us. With constant celebrations, lively decorations, and yummy foods, we need to remember to keep pets safe around the house. In this article we share how to create a space that's festive and pet-friendly!   

Happy Holidays from Coming Home Magazine!  

As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, our winter-exclusive Coming Home issue brings you a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration to make your holidays extra special. From the secrets of evergreen experts and the longevity of your Christmas tree to quick happiness-boosting strategies and a complete holiday event handbook, we've covered it all. Wishing you a joy-filled and safe holiday season. Happy Holidays!