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Fall/Winter 2018 Issue

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The Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Coming Home magazine is here! We hope you find these winter lifestyle articles for homeowners to be as cozy and warm as that familiar pair of slippers and your favorite holiday libation.

Refrigerator Maintenance (P. 9)

During the holidays, the refrigerator is the workhorse of household appliances. We’re sharing a smart tip for how to take care of your refrigerator and keep it in great shape!

Plant a Tree! (P. 12)

Trees, one of nature’s most wonderful gifts, clean the air we breathe, increase property values, and support wildlife. They also help cut energy costs and save you money. When properly cared for, trees can be a valuable and growing asset worth many times their initial investment. Here are four reasons why you should plant a tree, including:

Parlor Talk (P. 15)

Our magazine readers answer the question: What are your most cherished holiday traditions? From volunteering at a soup kitchen to baking holiday cookies and running turkey trots, they’re telling us what makes this season so special!

7 Questions with a Master Gardener (P. 18)

We sat down with the president of the Memphis Area Master Gardeners Association. This planting pro shed light on the very surprising world of master gardening. Learn what a master gardener is, how to become a master gardener, gardening tips for beginners, and more!