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Summer 2023 Issue

Get inspired to opt outside this season with our outdoor issue.

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Get ready to grab your shades and sunscreen because Coming Home is back with the 2023 summer magazine issue!

Whether you're a foodie or a culture vulture, we've got you covered. Our value-packed nature, food, advice, and lifestyle pieces will have you itching to explore the nature around you!  

Here’s a sneak peek into this issue:

7 Questions with a Beekeeper (P. 8)

Do you love flowers, veggies, and fruits? Thanks to bees, we have the luxury of enjoying these simple, yet delicious treats in life. And to make their communities thrive, somebody must keep an eye on them. That somebody is beekeeper, Rex Smith. We sat down for a chat to learn the importance of bees and the challenges faced by beekeepers.

You’ll get a glimpse into the ways we can support honeybees, how to treat a sting, and what it takes to be a beekeeper. Smith also shares their personal experiences and insights, providing readers with an intimate look at this fascinating profession.

Take a Hike (P. 10)

For anyone looking to get outside and discover nature first-hand, this article is for you. We talk about the many health benefits of hiking, including the positive effects on mental health and physical fitness.

The best part is you don’t have to like exercising to fall in love with hiking (and yes, flat trails count too!).

Just Ripe for Summer (P. 25)

Here’s a special for all our foodies. What’s more refreshing than ice-cold lemonade? A fresh summer tomato recipe! Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ or going to one, add in one of these tomato dishes to become the best salad chef in town.

Ready for some summer magazine fun?

With stunning photography and eye-opening information throughout, the Coming Home summer magazine issue is a true feast for the senses. Whether you're looking to learn something new, plan a summer adventure, or simply relax and enjoy the season, this issue has something for everyone.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired to step outside and enjoy summer!