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Sharing Your Love Language with Your Community This Valentine’s Day

The well-known relationship book, “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, offers advice on how to give and receive love. Have you ever thought about how your love languages influence you as a homeowner? 

In this article, we’ll highlight each of the five love languages—Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Gift Giving, and Words of Affirmation—and share ideas of how you can show some love to the people and spaces that make your house a home this Valentine’s Day.  

Acts of Service

To you, actions speak louder than words. Nothing says, “I care” more than receiving a helping hand around the house. 

Show your neighbors just how much you care this Valentine’s Day. Offer to water their plants or keep an extra eye on their home while they’re out of town. Give them your contact information and let them know you’re always around to lend a helping hand. 

Quality Time

You know that time is precious, so being a loved one’s main focus fulfills you.

This Valentine’s Day, invest some time in the spaces and relationships that matter most to you. Does your partner love the kitchen? Set aside time each morning to have a cup of coffee together, away from technology. If your loved one enjoys an afternoon in the fresh air, pick a project that you can start together, like filling your planters with colorful florals that will beautify your space this spring. 

Physical Touch

You rely on hugs from loved ones and value everyday physical connections like holding hands or a quick peck on the cheek. 

At home, put your love language to work through Valentine’s Day-themed DIY projects that spruce up your space. Get your hands messy with a new painting project, or keep your green thumb busy by filling your windowsills with herbs or succulents that require extra hands-on attention.

Gift Giving 

Receiving a tangible, meaningful gift makes you feel special. You’re not materialistic, but you appreciate the time and consideration that goes into giving someone the perfect gift.

This February, be the sweetest Valentine on the block. Prep small baskets of heart-shaped candy or desserts that you can drop off on their doorsteps.

Words of Affirmation

You rely on meaningful conversations and words of validation. You're fulfilled by others’ admiration of the beautiful spaces in and around your home.

Show off the areas you’ve been working so hard to perfect by hosting a Valentine’s Day party at your place. Pull out your heart-shaped decorations and curate floral arrangements for the perfect finishing touch. Set out a mimosa bar so you can toast to the ones you love most.